Your April Baby – Fun & Interesting Facts About Babies Born In April

In honor of my first born, who will be 8 in just a few days (!), I thought I’d share some of the traits about babies born in the beautiful month of April.  While April showers may bring May flowers, where we live in Southern California, the sun is shining and Spring has sprung by the time April arrives, so it is always a beautiful month.  And with the birth of our daughter almost 8 years ago, April became even more special.  Click through to learn some very cool and interesting things you may or may not already know about the month of April, and those born in it.

  • Your April Baby

    Your April Baby

    Did you know that the famous actor Russell Crowe was born in the month of April? And that the sweet pea is the official flower of April? I didn’t! Click through to find out more about the month of April.

  • My Aries Baby

    My Aries Baby

    Born on April 19th, my April baby just missed the cutoff for the astrological sign of Aries, which is for those born between March 21st and April 19th. If she had been born a day later, she would have been a Taurus.

  • Traits Of An Aries

    Traits Of An Aries

    Aries are said to be natural born leaders, and are usually thought to be outgoing, loyal, courageous, confident and definitely passionate. Sometimes they are known for having a bit of a temper as well, but are also known for being generous.

  • Your Taurus Baby

    Your Taurus Baby

    If your April baby is born on April 20th or after, then you have a Taurus in your family. Known for being tenacious and determined in meeting their goals, Taurus’ are often thought to be stubborn, but that tenacity usually leads to great success in their life.

  • 2013 Year Of The Snake

    2013 Year Of The Snake

    Your 2013 April baby will be born in the year of the snake. According to the Chinese Zodiac, those born in the year of the snake are considered thoughtful and wise, and approach problems logically and rationally. They are also thought to have a sure touch with money, and are determined and ambitious.

  • The Birthstone Of April

    The Birthstone Of April

    While diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, they also happen to be the birthstone of April. In the late 1800’s Tiffany & Co., one of the most famous jewelers, published an old birthstone poem that said this about April: “She who from April dates her years, Diamonds shall wear, lest bitter tears. For vain repentance flow; this stone, emblem of innocence, is known.”

  • The Flowers Of April

    The Flowers Of April

    There is some disagreement on the true birth flower of April, but everyone agrees that it is either the sweet pea, or the daisy. Meanings of these flowers, from the Victorian era language of flowers, include innocence, youth, purity, blissful pleasure, and can also symbolize departure and goodbyes. Colors can vary between yellow, red, pink, white and even colorless.

  • Who Knew?

    Who Knew?

    Kristen Stewart, the actress most famous for appearing in Twilight, celebrates a birthday on April 9th. Mandy Moore, the bubbly popstar turned actress shares my birthday of April 10th, and Kate Hudson shares a birthday with my daughter on the 19th. Other famous April babies include Russell Crowe, Steven Segal and Jennifer Garner.

  • April Holidays

    April Holidays

    Starting on April 1st, April Fool’s Day is the holiday of practical jokes. Not quite a holiday, but a very famous day here in the US is April 15th, otherwise known as tax day. Earth Day is on April 22nd, Administrative Professionals’ Day is April 24th, and Arbor Day is April 26th. There’s certainly a lot to celebrate, or at least mark on the calendar, in April!

  • April Fools Day Inspired Names

    April Fools Day Inspired Names

    Each holiday usually inspires baby names, and April Fools is no different. Some of the most popular and common names inspired by the funny holiday include Harry, after Harry Houdini the famous magician and Harry Potter the fictional wizard, and Dorothy and Genie.

  • Top 10 Songs About April

    In doing my research, who knew that I would find so many songs and books written about and inspired by April. One of the most interesting bits of knowledge I found was this very recent list of the top 10 songs of April, which included songs by Ella Fitzgerald, Queen, Sugarland and Prince.

    See the Top 10 Songs About April

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