You Never Know What Baby Products You’ll Need

When you’re pregnant, you of course wonder just how many baby products you need to purchase. You’ll get a lot of advice on just what baby products are essential and which you can probably skip, but in my personal experience with two children, you just never really know what you’ll need! Yes, there are some basic baby items that all newborn babies need and some baby products that will definitely make your life easier. However, some baby products may work for one baby, but not yours – or vice versa!

Disney Baby Swings & Bouncers

My oldest daughter had an infant swing that worked wonders. She loved being in her swing and would happily stay in it for a long time, which of course, gave her dad and I a nice break to rest. On the flip side, we purchased a swing for her baby brother, but didn’t have as much luck. He did not like his baby swing as much as his older sister and would rarely sit in it for more than 10 minutes.

Another baby product that surprised us was the baby bouncer. It was not a product we thought we’d use at all, so we didn’t purchase it for our oldest daughter. A friend of ours, though, sent us her baby’s bouncer, and surprisingly, we used it quite a bit! Our girl enjoyed her baby bouncer and would sit in it to listen to music, relax, and even eat once she started eating solids.

You can prepare for baby with various baby gear and baby products, but don’t be surprised if some of them are not loved by baby or if you find yourself purchasing baby items you never thought you’d need! What baby items have you found your baby can’t live without?

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