Woodland Inspired Dress Up Play Costumes

There are so many ways to inspire creativity and imagination in young children, and one of the most fun ways we’ve found to do so in our house is through dress up play.  Whether playing a Disney princess or a sweet puppy dog, dressing up is an easy and quick way to get a fun round of play going with your kids, and what better time to do that than Halloween time.  Here are a few adorable dress up masks inspired by nature, and are a perfect way to make a simple Halloween costume, that can be used throughout the year for dress up play.

  • Woodland Inspired Dress Up Play Costumes

    Woodland Inspired Dress Up Play Costumes

    Made from soft, luxurious baby alpaca wool which is hypoallergenic and eco-friendly, this line of play costumes are made for Oeuf and can all be found at Amelia

  • Fox Tail and Mask

    Fox Tail and Mask

    Add an orange pair of pants and long sleeve turtleneck, and you have an instant and easy Halloween costume for your favorite little nature lover.

  • Fox Mask

    Fox Mask

    Not big on tails? Well your little one can don this fox mask and still have fun playing in the imaginary forest, aka, the backyard.

  • Raccoon Mask and Tail

    Raccoon Mask and Tail

    Got a feisty little toddler on your hands? Dress them up in all black and add this raccoon tail and mask set to create a costume befitting of their personality.

  • Wolf Mask and Tail Set

    Wolf Mask and Tail Set

    Dressed in gray, your little one will be sweet, not scary with this wolf mask and tail set.

  • Deer Mask

    Deer Mask

    Dress up play is now complete with the addition of this sweet deer mask, letting your little one turn into their favorite forest animal.

  • Owl Mask

    Owl Mask

    Whooo doesn’t love an owl, everyone’s favorite nocturnal bird of flight? Add a gray sweatshirt and pants and some tail feathers, and you have an instant owl for Halloween.

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