Why You Should Fork Over the Money for Professional Baby Photos

It’s no secret that babies cost a pretty penny so thinking about paying for professional photos shortly after they’re born might not be on your priority list. But here are five reasons I think it should be:

1. Professional photos are just that, professional. No matter how good your camera is, a trained photographer will take images better you most likely will. Babies are tiny for such a limited amount of time, and I want those memories to be captured beautifully.


2. A photographer can get the whole family in the photo. Beck and I have very few photos of us together even though I’m the most significant person in his life. I’m happy the photographer was able to get some of just the two of us wherein a self timer and I weren’t involved.

3. Professional photographers see things differently. They capture those candid moments. They get in at a different angle. They can still take photos when your hands are tied.

4. Professional photographers know how to edit. And that means you’ll look good and it will give you a little postpartum boost.

5. With so many lifestyle photographers out there right now, you’re sure to be able to find one that fits your style and budget. Don’t give up because your dream photographer is out of reach, do your research and you’re bound to find a prefect fit.

photo by Jennifer Little of Sugar Photography

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