Why This Stage Is the Very Best


Before I was a mom I was attending a baby shower and I said something along the lines of, “I’m nervous I won’t like my kids once they reach a certain age.” And to that a mom replied, “It’s different when it’s your own kids because you like to see them learn and develop and make those changes even if it does mean they’re not a newborn anymore” And so far, I’ve learned that to be true. Although I’ve only experienced four months of this mom business. Here are some reasons I think four months is pretty darn great:

– Since Beck has started sleeping through the night, morning is much more welcome and cheery.

Wide open smiles, little giggles and funny squeals make a mom’s heart melt.

– It’s fun to cheer him on as he learns new tricks like rolling over.

– He’s still small enough to tote around easily and he isn’t mobile enough to get into trouble.

– We’ve had enough time to pretty much figure each other out – and we’re kind of best buddies.

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