Why Nap Time Is Sacred

I can’t tell you how many events/activities we are invited to or otherwise discover are scheduled during naptime. I can tell you how many times we’ve attended these events: ZERO.

napping baby

At 9-months-old my baby has a pretty set naptime schedule that is somewhat parent-led and somewhat child-led. She naps a couple hours after waking up, usually for an hour or two. Then 2-3 hours after that she takes her second nap (again, around an hour or two).

What this means is that at nearly the exact same times, every day, her body is used to a total of 2-4 hours of sleep during the day. Imagine if your body was used to 8 hours and you only got half that (oh wait…that happens to us every night, eh mamas?) — you would be EXHAUSTED. You’d likely be cranky and not want to do anything and sort of be intolerable until you got into bed. Sound like any babies we know?


We are entirely beholden to the naptime schedule. My baby doesn’t sleep long “on the go” in the car or in arms, and any naps in strollers or in arms or in a carrier wouldn’t be nearly long enough. So naps are taken at home in her crib. This means at those specific times we have to be at home.

What is surprising is how often people think you can just ignore the fact that it’s your baby’s naptime and leave and go do whatever you want anyway. UM NO. That’s not happening. She feels fantastic and is the zen baby of the world when she’s napped. When she hasn’t? She’s miserable and so is everyone around her.

As long as we stick to those nap times? She is this glorious angel baby that we feel incredibly blessed to have in our home.

We’re in the middle of dropping nighttime feedings so I’m feeling like our whole routine is in a bit of a shifting mode, but the naps are certainly not changing. What about you?

Does your baby have a nap schedule? Is he/she flexible so you can attend activities and not worry about nap time, or is your baby like mine and you stick to the plan religiously?

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