Why My Smartphone Makes Me a Better Mom

With Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube taking over the web, it’s clear that we are living in a digital age. Status updates are posted on the fly, people can ‘check-in’ to their locations, share photos and video in seconds and stay in touch with friends and family that they may not have otherwise been able to get in touch with it were it not for the internet.

In some ways this is a bad thing and we are definitely spending more time ‘plugged in’ then we ever did in the past, but if I am being completely honest, I’d have to say that owning an iPhone has helped me to capture and record memories that I wouldn’t have otherwise been able to capture.

Having this palm-sized device on me at all times has allowed me to preserve so many snippets of my children’s lives. Ones that are generally gone in a split second. To give you an example, here are just 21 photo memories from my baby boy from the last few months that were spur of the moment snaps taken with my iPhone.

  • The Way He Sleeps

    The Way He Sleeps

    I lie down for about 15 minutes every afternoon with my son in order to put him down for a rest and this is how he falls asleep each and every time. I had my phone in my hand, put the camera in reverse and was able to get this shot. So grateful to have it!

  • Chocolate!


    Because everyone needs a chocolate shot right? He’s clearly enjoying himself.

  • First Trip to the Pet Store

    First Trip to the Pet Store

    He ran towards that bunny cage in complete and total excitement! You can see the look of joy on his face.

  • Chilling With Daddio

    Chilling With Daddio

    My husband took our son on the couch to just chill and hang out with a movie and my poor boy fell asleep. Movies are exhausting you know!

  • Movie Snuggles

    Movie Snuggles

    This was such a lucky shot! The house was quiet so I snuck downstairs to see what was going on, my son had fallen asleep between his two big sisters while watching a movie. I don’t know what touches me more, the sight of all three together, my son sleeping between the two or the look on my daughter’s face.

  • First Drink From The Water Fountain

    First Drink From The Water Fountain

    One of life’s simple pleasures experienced for the very first time. Yes, this was his very first drink from a water fountain! He stood there for 5 whole minutes and kept sticking his lips out.

  • Kisses!


    My daughters were outside playing and he stayed in with me, watching them from the door. He kept kissing them through the glass, so his sister decided to meet his lips ;).

  • Tired Travellers

    Tired Travellers

    On our way to Orlando, I was sitting in between both my 4-year-old and my toddler on the plane. Because they are so small, they were able to lie across the seats with their heads on my lap during our flight to Disney World.

  • Delicious Ice Cream at Disney!

    Delicious Ice Cream at Disney!

    After a magical day at Walt Disney World, we decided to treat the kids to some ice cream. This was his first cup of ice cream that was not shared. As you can see he relished every, single, bite.

  • Tears


    Another iPhone shot taken in my lap. He was very upset and was crying because his sister took his car. He stared into my eyes long enough for me to whip out my iPhone and take this shot.

  • He Loves His Mama

    He Loves His Mama

    My boy is a hugger and a lover. He loves to hug and kiss and squeeze and cuddle. He just sits on my lap and hugs me. Here’s a shot of him hugging my neck while I was working on some financial records.

  • Hmm..


    I still can’t get over this shot. He was in such a great mood and as we chatted took his hand to his chin as if to say, “Hmmm, that’s interesting.”

  • So Dapper

    So Dapper

    The Grand Hotel in Mackinac Island, Michigan is one of our favorite family-friendly resorts. During dinner, formalwear is required. While we were all getting ready, my son decided to have a glass of water – in a wine glass. He was walking, hence the fuzziness and lack of focus, but I still love the shot!

  • Christmas Surprise

    Christmas Surprise

    Is there anything more special than capturing the look of awe and wonder in a baby’s face on Christmas morning?

  • Just Him and I

    Just Him and I

    He’s such a charmer! This photo captures his personality perfectly.

  • Grocery Shopping

    Grocery Shopping

    I love everything about this shot, the fact that we’re shopping alone, he has no shoes, and his curled toe.

  • Falling Asleep At The Dinner Table

    Falling Asleep At The Dinner Table

    Yes, he tends to fall asleep at the table quite frequently…He looked so angelic here.

  • Streets of Old Montreal

    Streets of Old Montreal

    We were roaming the streets of Montreal when I took this shot. He was the perfect little tourist!

  • Oh Hey!

    Oh Hey!

    Mr. Cool Dude wearing his Mickey Mouse shirt and shorts. His self confidence shines through.

  • Who Needs Sleep?

    Who Needs Sleep?

    Instead of sleeping, my son decided to accessorize his Batman pajamas with a pair of Babiator shades. Notice him grabbing the “belt” on his shirt. Priceless.

  • Falling Asleep In The Highchair

    Falling Asleep In The Highchair

    We had a very full day and everyone was sitting at the table eating dinner, when I noticed my son’s head bobbing. He had fallen asleep at the table! I caught his head in one hand and took this photo with the other.

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