Why I Love My Child’s Early Bedtime

Our toddler has a seven p.m. bedtime, and has since she was around six months old.

On occasion, it can be a bit tiresome to rush home from an event or family outing to try and get her to bed on time (and we certainly have the infrequent times where we let her stay up a bit later), but overall, I absolutely love that she goes to bed so early. Let me share some of the things I love most about her early bedtime:

  • A Pleasant Child

    A Pleasant Child

    The biggest benefit, of course, is that she is pretty happy most of the time, thanks to consistently getting a lot of sleep.

  • Time to Myself

    Time to Myself

    I look forward to having several hours each evening to do whatever I want, whether it is blogging, cooking, reading, or working on my own little projects.

  • Time with My Husband

    Time with My Husband

    It’s really nice for us to be able to watch a show together, talk to each other without interruption, or work on a project together in the evenings. Although we certainly love being parents, it is nice to have daily non-parent time.

  • One on One Time with the Baby

    One on One Time with the Baby

    Our newborn doesn’t go to bed nearly so early yet (although we certainly intend to get her down by 7 in the future when she’s a bit older), and it’s really nice to have some time to spend with just her.

  • Easy Babysitting

    Easy Babysitting

    Because she goes to bed so early, we can often put her to bed before a babysitter arrives, making bedtime easy on our toddler, since it’s not someone different putting her to bed, and making it less expensive for us since the babysitting rate for a sleeping child is generally lower than that for an awake child.

  • Date Night

    Date Night

    We can easily squeeze in a date night after she’s in bed, with a slightly later dinner (at 7:30 or so) or a movie.

  • Having People Over

    Having People Over

    Thanks to a sound machine, we can have people over once she’s in bed (this picture is from a recent Minute to Win It party we hosted), and she sleeps soundly through our fun.

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