Why Feeding Time Is My Favorite

I am enjoying my little guy so much these days.  He just turned two months old and he’s been a sweet baby from the start, but in these last couple of weeks, his sweet disposition has really started to shine through.  Coos now accompany smiles, he is starting to recognize and enjoy some specific toys, and feeding time is his favorite past time.  Here are a few reasons why it has also become my favorite.I love that I have him in my arms, all to myself, and he’s completely and thoroughly happy because he’s being fed.  Holding a crying baby is not so much fun, and holding a sleeping baby is amazing, but holding a baby that’s being fed, for me, is the best because his personality is at its best.


His body language is amazing when he’s being fed!  His legs kick and squirm now, showing off his newly formed strength, toes flex and scrunch up, fingers tug at my shirt or kneed my belly, grunts and sighs let me know he’s enjoying his meal, and lots and lots of eye contact show me that he knows I’m giving him love, comfort and most importantly food!

In between sips he usually has a lot of smiles for me too. He loves to flirt with me when I’m feeding him!  And at the end of the meal, he looks up at me with such appreciation, as if he’s saying “Thanks mom, I sure needed that!  And what a good meal it was.”

The milk coma!  There is something so amazingly cute about a baby in the midst of a milk coma.  You know, the not quite asleep stage where baby is just utterly and thoroughly content, so much so that he just about passes out from happiness?  His eyes are closed, his lips parted, sometimes in a smile as in the picture above, and just a bit of milk pooled in the side of his mouth. It pleases me to no end to see my baby that satisfied and know that I helped make him that happy.

So what time of day do you enjoy most with your baby? Play time, sleepy time, bath time or feeding time?  Please share, I’d love to hear!

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