5 Reasons Why Date Night Is Crucial

It’s no secret that parents – especially brand new parents – desperately need a date night out together without the kids. But did you know date nights aren’t just for fun, but are also important to a family’s harmony?

Check out these 5 reasons why date night is crucial:


arianne and jacob on why date night is crucial

1. Your children see you spending time together on purpose

There’s no time like the present to teach the kiddos that their parents need to be intentional about their marriage. Why not explain to them that these dates are for a specific reason (and not just an escape)? They’ll learn early on that, while they are very important, the family as a whole is also important.

2. You have a regular reason to dress up

I don’t know about you, but I’m not really having occasions to dress up these days. Regular date nights are a fantastic excuse for me to kick off the yoga pants and feel grown-up for a few hours.

3. It keeps your connection strong

This might be obvious, but it’s important nonetheless. Are you putting in intentional time for your connection to your spouse? Having a baby around is all-too-often a (very good, but still) excuse for becoming two ships in the night. Don’t let it happen!

4. You children have a chance to be without you

Sometimes kids need to have some independent time to push themselves a little bit, and see how well they do on their own. Even babies can do well with some time away from mommy/daddy to grow their independence. Just a few hours on a regular basis can be really healthy for their confidence, too!

5. It keeps you sane

If this post had just one reason date nights are crucial – it would be this reason. Your sanity! We can get much too stir crazy as moms (and dads) of littles, and time out on the town with the partner we love clears away the cobwebs and helps us keep perspective.

Do you make time for regular date nights?

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