Where’s Bambi?

My little girl is getting pretty good at playing on her own. I mean, she is almost 2. (Yikes!) And we all know two-year olds are pretty much all grown up. Or so they think. Lately I’ve been getting a kick out of where “Pink’s” little Bambi friend is showing up. Do you spy the sweet little love in these pictures?

  • Sneaky Little One

    Sneaky Little One

    Those clicky, moveable legs make for some interesting moves…

  • A New Princess?

    A New Princess?

    Breakdancing at the ball.

  • Cuddle Time

    Cuddle Time

    Dancing wears out the best of us.

  • Joy Riding

    Joy Riding

    Pink thinks everyone should go au naturale these days.

  • The End

    The End

    Last one…

You, too, can play at your house. Click here to see where you can buy this fun friend.

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