When Lamby Was Lost, A Bedtime Story

It was bedtime. One of those bedtimes that so needed to come. For her. For me. That final quiet at the end of an oh-so hectic, but fun summer day.

There was the bath (or not … remember, it was a hectic day), the pjs, the milk, the sleep sack. All we needed was the final sleep clencher, her lovey. Only the lovey was missing. It was nowhere — absolutely nowhere to be found. And we were visiting my in-laws, so I didn’t even have backup blankies.


Lamby Love — who I have been told is actually a poodle, not a lamb at all — was missing.  And I was in a complete panic.

Oh but the sleep gods were smiling on me. I discovered that Big had randomly thrown an old stuffed animal with a similar fabric in his travel backpack. It was pretty dark. I could only hope Pink was so tired she wouldn’t notice it wasn’t quite right.


She started sniffing, cuddling, and drifting off into a beautiful sleep.

Me? Well, I didn’t. I began running around, tearing up the house, looking for any sign of Pink’s best buddy. How could we lose Lamby? That sweet little dirty, stinky blanket that she sticks up her nose and rubs on her face to help her reach that zen calm that all mothers dream of. How could I let something so precious disappear?

I called my husband hoping he’d search the car since he hadn’t come home yet. No answer. I kicked myself for not having written down the make so that I could order a replacement. I continued to pace the house hoping Lamby would suddenly appear. Nothing.

When my husband and in-laws got home, the search party grew. And after a good 20 minutes, Lamby was found. In the trunk of our car. How she got there, I don’t know (though I may have pointed a finger — or ten —at someone).

I was just happy she had been found. That Pink’s love, and my sanity saver, had come home to comfort both of us. And now she could be put back, right where she belonged — in my sweet baby’s loving arms (and nostrils).

Yes, we both slept happily ever after. (Though, come to think of it, I still haven’t looked into ordering that back up…)

Does your baby have a love object?

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