Real Moms Share: When Did Baby Take First Steps?

Your baby’s first steps will probably be the most anticipated, most talked about, and most remembered moment of your baby’s early years. It’s one of those things that parents just can’t wait to happen for baby! There’s also the excitement of not knowing when baby will take his first steps and whether or not you’ll have your camera in-hand for the special moment. Right after your baby starts crawling, you’ll probably begin to wonder how much longer it’ll be before he starts to walk. My babies started walking at 10-months-old and 11-months-old, but here are some more real-life experiences from real moms who shared with me when their babies took their first steps.

Baby Walking First StepsSource: Dermot O’Halloran/Flickr

When Did Baby Take First Steps? – 8 Real Moms Share Their Baby Stories

Even with a club foot, my son Jason defied the odds and walked at 14 months which is early for the disability.” ~ Lee Allport,


My oldest son began crawling and walking on the same day when he was 11 months old.” ~ Lisa Samples,

Both my kids walked at 9 months.” ~ Lisa Martin,

10 months” ~ Jennifer H,

10 months and 11 months…way too early for me. As soon as they start crawling you instantly look at your house completely different. What can they not get their hands into? When those 1st steps come…oh no!” ~ Caroline Murphy,

My oldest walked at 14 months, while my baby girl took her first steps the week before her first birthday. By 14 months, my youngest was running.” ~ Jen Burg,

All three of mine took first steps at 12 months, then walked by 14 months.” ~ Jill Berry,

My daughter has a gross motor delay, so she butt scooted everywhere until she finally took her first tentative steps at 17 months. Now, five months later, she’s on the run. [Additionally], one of my sons still wasn’t walking at 15 months. Then we started holding up M&Ms as motivation, and he was running in a matter of two days.” ~ Amy Heinz,

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