When Bad Hair Happens to Good Babies

No. Not that picture below. Luke’s hair looks perfectly fine there. Maybe a touch long, hence the curls. But that’s not what I’d call bad hair.

That’s a cropped picture of my wife holding him on his first birthday (which wasn’t all that long ago) and I just love it, what with the whole wide-open mouth deal he’s got going on. And I love the hair, too. Yes, and again, it’s a bit long, but as of then, and as of now, in fact, we’ve not cut even the tiniest little bit. We’re just kind of going with it.

I posted about his hair once already via a little something i called Baby Haircut? We’ll Mullet Over. In the comments, I was correctly called out for misuse of the term, as Luke doesn’t have a true mullet, and I realize that. But, c’mon people — how was I to pass up a title like that?

Still, even if he doesn’t have a mullet, the fact remains that he does have longer hair. And the fact remains that my wife and I are still just going with it. And it’s something that I’ve always felt a-okay about. Until this past weekend, that is, when my 11-year-old daughter and one of her friends got a hold of Luke and did this to him:

Y’all — seriously — that ain’t right?

Hmm. Maybe it’s time for a haircut after all!

Do you have any bad-hair, good-baby stories?

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