When Baby Gets Sick

As a parent, there’s probably nothing worse than seeing your baby get sick. It doesn’t matter if it’s something as small as a stuffy nose, it’s always unpleasant to see your kids suffer. When your child becomes ill, you immediately want to help…but that’s not always possible.

Sick Baby Source: LizaWasHere/Flickr


For the most part, there’s not much you can do for a baby that gets sick with a cold. As my children’s pediatrician has told me more than once, if under two-years-old, there’s no over-the-counter medicine you can buy to help your baby. Every time my baby boy has congestion, I ask. And every time, it’s the same response – you just have to wait it out and try to make him comfortable.

It’s very tough to see your baby struggling with congestion, coughing, watery eyes, and an overall sick feeling, without being able to do much. Of course, we try to extract some of the congestion, but no baby enjoys having an aspirator up their nose. We try a vaporizer near his crib, but that only does so much. We try everything we can, but in the end, our doctor’s words ring true. We just end up waiting for the congestion to ease up on its own.

The one thing that helps baby boy – and us – is some TLC. When feeling sick, I’d say that most babies just want to be cuddled, pampered, and nurtured. In many ways, this helps us as parents too, since it helps us feel like we’re actually doing something to help our sick baby.

When baby gets sick, the best thing you can do really is to just make him or her comfortable. Give him some extra attention, do what you can to ease the pain, and just hold him.

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