Baby Loves…Cans?

I’ve heard of babies taking a certain liking to strange things. Just the other day a friend posted a picture of her baby boy (about the same age as Vivi) on Instagram holding a square plastic container. The caption read “Apparently this is his new most favorite thing in the world, if I try to take it away from him he screams as though I’m skinning him alive.” I’ve heard of babies taking to their mom’s underpants, others taking a liking to dad’s socks and my best friend had one baby who would carry around an unopened banana from morning to evening until it was a brown smooshy resemblance of its former self.

Last week my baby took to a strange object all her own; it was one she had showed a little bit of interest in before, but this weekend it turned into full blown love.

Ladies and gentlemen? My baby loves unopened drink cans.

If she sees one, she screams and demands that it becomes hers. She doesn’t do anything with them, just tucks them up under her chubby little arm and walks around with them. We thought at first it was because they were cold and she was hot, but to tell the truth she’s never shown a preference of can temperature, just that it is in her grasp.

She had a root beer can in the tub with her the other night (root beer does in fact float!), a lemon soda can at the park, and she prefers a cola can in the car. She’s dropped one or two, but we have yet to have an explosion (knock on wood.) On our latest flight, the airline had cans of water, something that held her attention for at least 15 minutes. If you’re familiar with baby attention spans then you’ll know that 15 is a really long time.

The good news is that all those old dusty cans in the pantry have been washed, rinsed and given a new life. The bad news is now my baby wants to save and hold onto every can she sees everywhere she goes, which is kind of awkward when you’re in public and your baby is lunging out of their stroller for a discarded can in the gutter. (“Sorry sweetie, we can’t save all the cans.” It’s like those puppy rescue commercials with a recycling edge.)

Has your baby ever taken to a strange object?

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