What’s Your Ideal Family Size?

We just got back from a family trip with my in-laws, and I was noticing that between my husband’s siblings, the range of family size spans from one to seven children, with pretty much every number in between (he has a “yours, mine, and ours” family, so it’s a large sample pool).

When we first got married, Bart wanted four to five kids, while I wanted more like three to four (clearly neither of us had an absolutely solid number in mind). Now, with one child and another on the way, both of us think that three or four children will probably be where we stop.

Family Photo

Of course, the size of family you end up with could be wildly different than you originally imagined, depending on your financial circumstances, health considerations, the personalities of your child or children, or just changing preferences.

We certainly have many friends who wanted five or six kids and after their first child suddenly were thinking three or four and after two were saying, “We might be done now.”

How many kids do you think you might end up with? And has that number changed over time?

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