What Kind of Social Media Parent are You?

Social media is my job but when it comes to sharing details of Beck’s life, I’m not really known for crowding my friend’s feeds with updates. Don’t get me wrong, I want to share every detail. My life revolves around my kid and I think he’s the cutest baby ever. I’m only human. But early on I realized this, with the exception of your family and very best friends, people don’t really care about your child’s every move. So I decided to restrain myself and post sporadically, so people are happy to have updates instead of just plain annoyed. Am I over thinking this? Probably.

So, are you a social media parent who:

Posts over 10 photos every day and is known to even go as far as talking about your child’s bowel movements? Or do you casually drop in a couple times a week? Or do people forget that you even have a kid?

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