What Do You Think of Themed Baby Names?

It seems to me that most people want their children’s names to be somewhat similar – usually you don’t see a family with one child named Mildred and another named Kaylee. I like it when all the children in a family have names with the same sort of feel, whether it is oldBaby-fashioned or trendy or classic.But what about where there is a more obvious theme for all the names in a family?

I know families where:

  • every child’s name starts with the same letter (including the parents, although that part is obviously just coincidental)
  • every child has the same number of letters in their first name
  • every child is named after a US president’s last name
  • every child’s name rhymes with the other children’s names

What do you think about these kinds of baby names? Have you seen any interesting themed baby names? Would you do it?

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