What Did You Eat After Your Baby Was Born?

A couple of weeks before Ani’s birth, I was taking a walk with some friends and, as it often does, the conversation turned toward childbirth.

I mentioned that, after Ella was born, I got a turkey sandwich from the hospital cafeteria and it seemed like the best food I’d ever eaten (I’m sure if I hadn’t just given birth and wasn’t starving from about 11 hours of not eating, it wouldn’t have tasted so good).

Turkey Sandwich

My neighbor, who had given birth in a different hospital, exclaimed, “I had a turkey sandwich after delivery!”

And then the other girl walking with us chimed in to say that SHE, after her delivery in a hospital on the west coast, had been served a turkey sandwich too.

A day or two later, my sister had a little boy and mentioned that the turkey sandwich the hospital in Utah gave her post-delivery was rather dry and stale, but also the best thing she’d ever eaten.

Which makes me wonder – does EVERYONE get a turkey sandwich after they have a baby?

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