Want, Need, Wear, Read: Dad

When it comes to holiday gifts, we often think more is better. But I like keeping it simple so that each gift is thoughtful and memorable. That’s why I like the tradition of giving four gifts: a want, a need, something to wear, and something to read. I’ve shared ideas for the whole family this week following this rule. Last but not least, let’s give to dad.

  • Want: Aviator Headphones

    Want: Aviator Headphones

    They’re sleek, they’re functional and they’ll block out the sound of a crying baby.

    Click here to buy from Skull Candy.

  • Need: Eyeglass Kit

    Need: Eyeglass Kit

    If the dad wears specs, this kit is perfectly practical for him.

    Click here to order from Restoration Hardware.

  • Wear: Plaid Shirt

    Wear: Plaid Shirt

    Plaid shirts have become a staple in practically every man’s wardrobe.

    Click here to buy from Gap.

  • Read: Those Guys Have All the Fun

    Read: Those Guys Have All the Fun

    When I asked my husband what kind of book a grown man would like he told me, the history of ESPN. The funny thing is, I had just typed ESPN into the Amazon search bar.

    Click here to buy from Amazon.

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