V-Day: Awesome DIY Gift Ideas for Dads

Whether it’s your baby’s 1st Valentine’s Day or you have young toddlers running around –  one thing is for sure. There is a daddy, or a grandfather or an amazing male role model that you probably can’t wait to shower with love on the 14th.

I’ve selected a round-up of tutorials, easy craft projects for little fingers and adventurous projects to suit the interests and skill level of a variety of ages.

Have fun looking and making! 

  • Something For Everyone

    Something For Everyone

    A full range of craft projects for little ones and advanced tutorials for the adventurous and experienced. Handmade presents are the BEST way to show your love!

  • DIY Laptop Sleeve

    DIY Laptop Sleeve

    I love all of the different variations you could take with this. I’d use wool and upcycled leather!
    Get the tutorial via Chaneciaga

  • Heart Balloon Bouquet

    Heart Balloon Bouquet

    Inspired by the great flick, ‘UP’ this is a sweet little craft that you can do with your toddler(s) and let them gift to Daddy!
    Get the tutorial via Spoonful

  • Frame-able Valentine

    Frame-able Valentine

    What to do with all of that artwork your toddler brings home from daycare? Find out with this fun project that little hands can continue to have a part in!
    Get the instructions and free templates via Lovely Design

  • Valentine's Favor Bags

    Valentine's Favor Bags

    You could put granola in these sure. Or the brownies featured in the next slide. Not a hard choice when you’re aiming to please.
    Get the easy instructions a free template via Camille Styles

  • Sweet Heart Brownies

    Sweet Heart Brownies

    All dads love brownies, it’s a no-brainer. If your toddler is like mine (the eldest) they’ll love to help dump in the flour and mix ingredients together!
    Get the recipe via Spoonful

  • Free Printable (Valentine Postcard)

    Free Printable (Valentine Postcard)

    I especially love this given that my kids’ dad is a musician – but this would be adorable for any father.
    Get the free printables via Make It Perfect

  • Lace-y Valentine

    Lace-y Valentine

    Lacing is a great sensory and hand and eye focused activity for older babies and toddlers. I’m doing something similar to this with my own little ones involving a chunky yarn, felt and photo V-Day gift for their grandparents.
    Get the instructions via Spoonful

  • Gadget Travel Tote

    Gadget Travel Tote

    This would be perfect for any daddy who travels a lot.
    Get the surprisingly simple tutorial via Martha Stewart

  • Mickey's Valentine's Day Photo Frame

    Mickey's Valentine's Day Photo Frame

    Little ones will LOVE giving this to Daddy, especially if you put a family photo in the heart, or one of just they/them and their dad!
    Get the free printable and instructions via Spoonful

  • Choo-Choo Train Massage T-Shirt

    Choo-Choo Train Massage T-Shirt

    How adorable in this?! It may not be very hipster or modern or whatever – but it clearly ROCKS.
    Get the fun tutorial via Repeat After Me

  • Messenger Bag

    Messenger Bag

    This one is not for the faint of crafted heart. As a seasoned pro on the sewing machine, I can say that this project requires a mild to moderate skill level. SO worth it in the end. This would take an experienced seamstress and afternoon.
    Get the full pattern and instructions via Weekend Designer

  • Knotted Keyring

    Knotted Keyring

    The only thing that makes this complicated is that you need the proper tools to accomplish the project. After that, you’re on easy street.
    Get the detailed (and pretty) tutorial via Wood and Faulk

  • Lightbulb Terrarium

    Lightbulb Terrarium

    Aside from the obnoxious name of the blog that this tutorial lives on, I still love it. Terrariums are my favourite kind of indoor/outdoor garden, as are wall gardens and the the succulents who cohabitate in them.
    Get the instructions via The Hipster Home

  • Wool Camera Wrap

    Wool Camera Wrap

    This is something I want for myself! Again, a fairly easy project, given you have the right tools.
    Get the tutorial via Wood and Faulk

  • Cutest Photo Gift Ever

    Cutest Photo Gift Ever

    So cute! All you need is some bristol board, letter templates (or do it free-hand if you are skilled that way) and an X-Acto knife. Oh, and the perfect light to cast such a shadow and an above-average camera.
    As seen on My Sparkle

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