Twas the Night Before Christmas, Osborne Style

Twas the night before Christmas and we’ve come to grips
With life that is crazy and laden with trips.
But not ones to Vegas, or islands or Rome.
‘Cuz our trips are little and mess up our home.

It all started quickly, too sudden it seemed,
When I fell in love with the girl of my dreams.
One who is pretty and witty and kind.
I fell for her spirit, her body, her mind.

It wasn’t just her who melted my heart,
But also her daughter who played a key part
Of bringing this bachelor right down to his knees
To beg her sweet mama to “marry me. PLEASE!”

Just 13 months later, much chaos ensued,
When three little babies came into our brood.
The first months were trying, of that there’s no doubt.
The triplets were crying which caused me to shout:

“MY GOODNESS, what happened to life as I knew it?
My cell phone is shattered. A baby just threw it.
If I pick up one, another will cry.
And one of them just took a whiz in my eye.”

Although they’re quite precious, we weren’t planning more.
So very content with our posse of four.
But that’s when we learned that my wife was with child.
Our life was about to get even more wild!

It seemed like a lot, five children, to us.
With many so little and prone to the fuss.
We rarely if ever can get any sleep.
Because of the schedule that we’re forced to keep.

Our oldest is busy and plays lots of sports.
And loves to just kick it in T-shirts and shorts.
She’s pretty but tough and you would agree.
If ever you saw her spot up for a three.


Our baby is one. He’s the light of our life.
The quiet and fairest who’s caught in the strife.
He’s walking around and calls for his mama.
Impossibly cute in his footed pajamas.

The triplets are growing. They’re already five.
They’re thicker than thieves, but they’ll also fight.
Their messes, we’ll clean. There’s mortar to fix.
They wake us each morning at quarter to six.

Very annoying, though oddly endearing.
The end of such days? We know that it’s nearing.
Cause kids don’t stay little for all of their lives.
A fact that we always have kept in our minds.

The blessing of triplets is hard to describe.
It’s one that’s both burdened and lifted our lives.
We’re so very thankful for all of the days.
The last thing we’d do is just wish them away.

The chaos is draining, of that there’s no doubt.
And life would be simpler if kids didn’t shout.
But life ain’t s’posed to be simple and free.
Our life’s about more than just Lovie and me.

The life that we lead? It’s mostly for them.
The life we’d choose over and over again.
We love our big family with all of our might.
Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good night.

Our family wants to wish you and yours a very happy holiday season!
In that vein, I leave you with our 2011 Christmas card.
We, um, haven’t made our 2012 one just yet.
We’ve been kinda busy!


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