A Boy and His Love of Leche (Milk)

Baby boy: “Mommy?”

Me: “Yes, baby?”

Baby boy (rubbing his belly): “I looooove cheche!”

Me (stifling laughter): “I know, baby boy. I know.”

We go through a lot of leche (milk) in our house, or cheche as baby boy pronounces it. I think if baby boy could, he would seriously drink a whole gallon of milk in one day. He asks for his leche all the time – at every meal, in-between meals, and for snack time. Of course, we don’t give him that much milk each day. We do mix it up by giving him water and sometimes juice, but it’s always received with protests from baby boy. It takes a while for him to actually give in and drink the non-milk that’s in his cup.


Glass Milk BottleSource: Richard Cocks/Flickr

It’s super interesting to me that he loves milk as much as he does. I mean, many babies and toddlers love milk, but his love of leche seems to go beyond the norm. I don’t remember my older daughter loving her milk as much. She drank plenty of milk, but not like this. She would not complain as much if we gave her something other than milk to drink.

I like to think that baby boy takes after his mami. I personally love milk as well and know that growing up drank a lot of milk too. In fact, I still drink a lot of milk, though I’ve cut back in order to save the bulk of our milk for baby boy to drink. Otherwise, my grocery budget would need to be increased in order to accommodate the extra milk!

Does your toddler love milk as much as my two-year-old?

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