Toddler Gear I Love: Monsters, Inc. Straw Cups

I have a confession to make: we have a cabinet shelf half full of straw cups, crowding out all the other kid cups, yet I still feel like I could use more. They are just so cute, often in the shapes of animals or characters, in an array of colors. Both of my kids are attracted to the fun shapes and characters, and I love to get them little fun surprises that are also useful. Thus, I keep adding to my collection. Elvie can’t quite figure out how to use the straw yet, but I’m working with her, because who wants to bring a boring sippy cup along when an adorable straw cup could be our companion? Even though we have a bunch already, I saw these Monsters, Inc. cups, and they were instantly on my list of to-buy items.


I love that these come in both Sulley and Mike; I can buy both, and each of my girls can take one out, a perfect pair of friends for a perfect pair of sisters, with the bonus that I can easily tell whose cup is whose. With two handles to grip and a soft straw that feels like a sippy cup spout, I’m sure that Elvie will have no trouble transitioning from sippy to straw, and we’ll be heading out with monsters in hand in no time.

Monsters, Inc. straw cups by Sassy, available in Sulley and Mike characters, can be purchased online at Babies”R”Us.

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