“I Want It!”

These days, not a moment goes by without us hearing the words “I want it!” coming out of our toddler’s mouth. It seems our baby boy has learned just how to express himself when it comes to his desires and is definitely exercising his new-found skill. On one hand it’s quite useful to have him communicating with us and letting us know just what he wants. On the other hand, hearing the words “I want it” over and over several times a day can get quite…well…annoying.


Toddler Reaching for CounterSource: Jean Pichot/Flickr

For our baby boy, “I want it” can mean one of two things: either he wants something he sees (food, a toy, etc.) or he wants to do something himself. For example, he might say “I want it” if he wants to push the buttons on the microwave. Or perhaps he sees his father eating cereal, fruit, really anything, and he’ll suddenly decide he must try this food.

“I want it” is a normal phase for toddlers that start to verbally express what they couldn’t before. It’s great to know that my baby boy wants to try new things, is able to tell us what he wants, and wants to be more independent. Has your baby started telling you what he or she wants?

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