Things I’m Glad My Toddler Doesn’t Know How to Do

In some ways, it’s fun to have a child who is advanced in some ways – it can be pretty gratifying to have a child who speaks early or potty trains easily or reads at three.

On the other hand, I rejoice in the things my daughter hasn’t picked up on yet that other kids her age (or younger) seem to have learned quickly. I’m happy for her to be as slow as possible to learn these things.


For instance:

  • Opening the Fridge. I don’t think she realizes it’s even possible for her to do it on her own. She’s never tried to open it (she always asks me to open it so she can look inside), and I’ve never suggested that she could.
  • Getting Out of Her Crib. I live in fear of the day she realizes she probably could climb out.
  • Opening the Doors in Our Apartment. All our indoor doorknobs are round, so they’re a bit hard to get a grip on and if any of the bedroom or bathroom or closet doors are closed, she can’t open them herself.
  • Unbuckling Her Carseat. She likes to fasten it, but she doesn’t have the strength or agility to undo it herself (although I do have to remind her to stop pushing the chest buckle down).
  • Climbing on to Our Bed. Our bed isn’t very high, but the comforter covers the lip that she could boost herself up on, so if something’s in the middle of the bed, it’s pretty safe from grabby little hands.

What things are you happy your baby is slow to pick up on?

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