13 Things Babies and Cats Have in Common

The only thing I love more than my babies is my cats. What many people don’t realize is that babies and cats have a lot in common. They both want to be loved on their own terms, sometimes forcefully, sometimes passively and always forever. I had my baby in May and rescued two adult cats from the Indianapolis Humane Society in October on my half birthday. I’m a firm believer in rescuing old cats and one of my dreams was to find some cat no one else wanted and let him or her grow old in the sunny parts of my home.

I knew Wink would be mine as soon as I saw his one eye staring back at me from his profile photo. He lost his eye from a botched surgery to fix a problem with his eyelid and he’s perfect. He’s also a polydactyl, meaning he has thumbs on his front paws. The other cat, Percy, well he’s just a ball of love. We had no intention of getting two cats but Percy crawled right into Vivi’s stroller at the Humane Society and purred as she tugged on his ears. Any cat willing to voluntarily put up with that is a good cat. I sometimes wish the baby loved to nap as much as the cats and that sometimes the cats would follow directions like the baby, but in the end the cats and the baby have a lot more in common than one would think.

  • Addie Is Their Biggest Fan

    Addie Is Their Biggest Fan

    The cats and Vivi both have Addie in common. Addie loves playing with the cats (specifically Percy) and she loves playing with her baby sister. I sometimes wonder why we didn’t get her a baby and some cats sooner.
    Both the baby and the cats have been characters in Addie’s games, dressed up by her and carried around for hours by her.

  • Ears Make Anything More Cute

    Ears Make Anything More Cute

    I love my cats’ ears. Playing with them, petting them, scratching behind them. You put little furry ears on top of a chubby baby head? Instant cuteness, even cuter than cat ears (sorry cats.)

  • Everybody Loves a Sunny Window

    Everybody Loves a Sunny Window

    Both the cats and the baby could look out the window for hours. The cats prefer to watch squirrels and rabbits while Vivi enjoys watching dogs and big kids play. Both can be found in any number of sunny windows all over our home.

  • Everybody Loves Computers

    Everybody Loves Computers

    When my computer comes out, so do the little creatures in my house. The cats prefer to lay on it, either to interrupt me or soak up the warmth. The baby on the other hand just wants to push ALL THE BUTTONS.

  • Don't Mess With Meal Time

    Don't Mess With Meal Time

    You do not mess with mealtime in this house. The cats eat first thing in the morning and when everyone else eats dinner. The baby eats three meals a day with one snack. If you even dare to deviate from the schedule? YOU WILL HEAR ABOUT IT.

  • They're Funny

    They're Funny

    Cats and babies don’t actually know how to be funny. Babies figure out how to be funny eventually and they develop their own sense of humor, but in the meantime the cats and babies are hilarious to have around and keep things quite entertaining. (Is there a baby equivalent of cat nip?)

  • Epic Stink

    Epic Stink

    Both cats and babies are capable of putting off some pretty major stinks, and I have to (get to?) clean up all of them. Thankfully cats are self cleaning while the baby needs a good hosing off every other day to keep her fresh and clean.

  • They're Fun to Dress Up

    They're Fun to Dress Up

    Babies and animals are fun to dress up. Especially when they have no idea what you are doing to them. Lately Addie has taken to putting Percy in dresses and her little sister in fluffy dresses. One of the two enjoys it a bit more than the other (Vivi). Wink on the other hand, he never gets dressed up. He’s too grumpy.

  • Wonderful to Snuggle

    Wonderful to Snuggle

    The only thing better than snuggling a warm sleeping baby? Curling up with a warm purring cat. Who me? Crazy cat lady? You betcha!

  • They Sleep in Funny Positions

    They Sleep in Funny Positions

    I could watch babies and cats sleep all the live long day. The goofier the position the better. I’m not sure how they ever get comfortable sometimes, but from the relaxed look on their faces? They must be!

  • They Can Both be REALLY Naugthty

    They Can Both be REALLY Naugthty

    Who knew cats liked pie? Or that babies like to climb the most dangerous things possible? All three have kept me on my toes and very cautious of where I keep open cups of water, my cell phone and glass objects.

  • They Like Boxes and Small Spaces

    They Like Boxes and Small Spaces

    I’ve been cleaning and organizing like crazy this week and I’ve found cats in all sorts of boxes, Addie has pushed Vivi around in laundry baskets and hid with her in the freshly tidied closet. Vivi has also taken to hiding things in boxes. Can’t find her bunny? Look in all the boxes.

  • They're Both Moody

    They're Both Moody

    You don’t mess with Wink in the late afternoon to early evening. Man, he is a grouchy cat around dinner time, if you walk by him a little too close? He’ll bat your foot. Vivi has the same grump o’clock as well. Right around 1pm and 6pm is when she hits prime grouchy baby status.

(In case you’re curious? I’m 100% cat person. I have a fine appreciation for dogs, but they’re nothing like cats!)

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