The Words I Thought I’d Never Say

I have a confession to make.  For years now, since becoming a mother, whenever I heard women say they loved the newborn stage, or heard them lament on how much they miss the newborn stage, I thought they were fibbing.  I was convinced that they were saying it because that’s what we moms are supposed to say, and that’s how we’re supposed to feel.  I couldn’t believe that they would actually miss the dizzying sleep deprivation or the hours of colicky crying.  Can you tell I’m not really a fan of the newborn stage myself?  Well that is, until I had Hayden, and today he turned 13 weeks old and I’m going to say the words I never thought I’d utter, “I’m going to miss the newborn stage.”  Here’s why.


With my first born, I was overwhelmed with the task of being a first-time mother.  Add on a colicky baby who hardly slept during the day and me, who didn’t have a clue how to really soothe her, and I felt exhausted and emotionally drained those first couple of months.  When she turned 3 months old though, it’s like a switch went on and she became the sweetest and happiest baby I’d ever seen.  She was like a totally different baby than the one she had been in that newborn stage.  Her now easy disposition was such a stark contrast to the one she had in her newborn stage, I declared at that point my dislike for the newborn stage.

When my son was born he was so fussy and slept so little we ended up hiring a night nurse to help us manage.  Needless to say, my dislike of the newborn stage was further cemented in.

5 years later, I finally got an “easy” baby.  Plus I have a bit more experience, which naturally makes things easier.  In just thirteen weeks he has changed so much and I miss those first sleepy few weeks.  He’s alert and interested in his world around him!  Oh it’s wonderful interacting with him now and watching him smile and start to laugh.  But there really is something special about those first couple of months when he just wanted to doze in my arms all day.  Or how he could easily fit into a swaddle and wouldn’t break out if it in 5 seconds flat like Houdini.  I even miss how transportable he was, going from place to place and just dozing away in his carseat carrier.  Now he is fully aware of his carseat and is fully aware that he doesn’t like it.  Needless to say I’m not out running errands with him in tow for 2 hours like I was just a few short weeks before.

Perhaps it’s because I got an “easy” baby, or perhaps it’s because I am more experienced, or it may be because I’m taking better care of myself, or even because it’s our last baby.  But whatever it is, I am glad I finally got to experience that complete fascination and love of the newborn stage that I had heard so many women talk about.  And yes, I can admit it now, that I will in fact, miss this newborn stage and am sad to see it go.

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