The Value of New Mom Support

Parenting a newborn can be a magical, wonderful, joyous experience. But let’s be honest too: being a new mom can be messy, stressful, exhausting and overwhelming, even on a good day. That’s why it’s so important for new moms to connect with and support each other and I’m so glad I’ve connected with several new moms so far. Here are the five ways I’ve found new mom support so far.

Support from my families.
Our families have been such a huge support for us, especially when Judah spent 39 days in the NICU (out of state, no less). When he first got out of the hospital and we had to stay in New Jersey one more week, both my parents and in-laws took turns each night bringing us dinners. When we’ve been to visit since then, all the grandparents are eager to watch Judah for us. And it’s the little things too, like being able to call my mother-in-law, a nurse, with minor medical questions, or just to get advice from my own mom.


Support from my friends.
I’m pretty lucky in that I have three close friends who are all new moms within the last six months, and one who is due in August. Not to mention, I have another three close girlfriends each with children aged five years and younger. We can all commiserate on the hard days but also ask each other the really candid questions when we need to, since we already have such trusted relationships anyway. It’s been helpful to be able to express frustrations, fears, and the little special moments that only friends who have children can really understand without fear of being judged.

Online support.
I belong to a few new moms groups on Facebook. I like these because I can quickly post a question or share a fun achievement on the go from my phone, and usually get comments back in a matter of minutes. While I may not know any of these women personally, I find it helpful to quickly crowd source answers and resources through Facebook than trying to wade through pages of search results. When someone shares a new mom resource in one of the new mom groups on Facebook, I know it’s been vetted by someone who’s found it useful in raising their infant.

Mommy groups in my community.
There’s something to be said about meeting with other new moms and their babies. It’s fun to see other babies who are similar in age to your own and even those just a few weeks ahead: they’re like a little preview of what’s to come! As quickly as I can get answers online, I love connecting with other moms in person. It’s especially beneficial to meet other moms in my community because it helps expand our network of friends, and allows me to get some social interaction with someone other than baby during the day.

One-on-one support.
I am incredibly lucky to live in an area with a Visiting Moms program. Each week, a mom comes to visit with me for an hour and we just chat and catch up. She checks in on me and how I’m doing and how things are going with Judah. She’s not there to watch him or help me around the house; our visits are just for me so that I feel supported in my new motherhood experience. The amazing thing about this program: not only is my Visiting Mom volunteering her time, she’ll be my dedicated volunteer until Judah turns a year old!

If you’re a new mom, how are you finding support in your new motherhood journey?

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