The Type of Chill I Don’t Mind Receiving

Even though I’ve had four babies, I’ve forever been extremely envious of the women who have posted photos online of their babies nuzzled up and snuggling on their chests. You know, just relaxing the day away…

Because I’ve never had a baby with a laid back persona.

Straight out of the womb, my kids have been 100 percent little busy little bodies from sun up to sun down. Never a moment to rest, never a moment to sit and be calm. Hunkering down and snuggling with mom? What’s that?

Until I had baby Paul. Oh, baby Paul.

baby Paul and his 9 month old snuggles

Friends, he’s my first baby to ever give me the time of day. Sure, I’ve breastfed all four of them, and when they’re hungry they’ll stop and enjoy a meal for a moment. But outside of those few minutes? Forget about it. There are things to do! Toys to play with and objects to stare at!

But Paul, he’ll give me all the time I need. In the morning after he nurses, he will turn into my body and snuggle up until I decide our time is up. At nap time, he will completely let me rock him to sleep and stay there until I move him to the crib.

I don’t know what it is. Maybe he knows he’s my last, and he’s gifting me what he knows his mama needs most.

But I must admit, there is something perfectly magical about having a baby who wants to be snuggled, and needs me the way Paul needs me.

Apparently, fourth time is a charm for me, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

How about you? Is your baby a good snuggle bunny?

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