The Top 10 Things I Look Forward to After Pregnancy

I’ve been a trooper during this pregnancy.  I’ve been happy and glowing and soaking in every minute of the glory of what it is to be pregnant.  I’ve persevered with daily style posts, and basically written love letters to this baby with how blissfully happy I am to be with child this time around.  And I’ve meant every single word of it.  I’m thrilled to be carrying this child and feel very blessed, but there comes a point at the end of every pregnancy where you’re just sort of ready to move on.  Mother nature has officially kicked in and I’m uncomfortable and tired and I’m just ready to meet my sweet baby, find out if it’s a boy or a girl, and move on to our next chapter.  Here’s the Top 10 things I look forward to postpartum.

A short stranger fortune1. Wearing Regular Shoes Again – I went though the first 32 weeks with my perfectly thin little feet and ankles, and then bam!  Reality slapped me in the face and reminded me that I was indeed pregnant, and I would indeed be getting swollen ankles for the third time.  I can only wear flip-flops, my feet ache something fierce, and it hurts to walk.  Everyone says “keep your feet up,” but with 2 young kids to take care of, this is nearly impossible.  I’ll be so thrilled to wear real shoes again!

2. Being a Full-Fledged Participant Again – Oh sure at first it’s fun to sit back while your husband takes the kids to the carnival since you can’t really ride anything anyhow, or it’s nice to sit back and read while your family goes on a hike.  But after a while it gets a wee bit boring and I’m ready to get back into the mix and be a full-fledged participant in my family’s life.  I love them and miss them a bit, or at least miss being the funnest mom I can be.

3. Back Aches From Holding Baby In My Arms –  My back hurts. Oh my aching back!  Ouch my back hurts!  I’ve said all those things in the last 2 weeks and I mean it.  I’m not one to complain much about aches and pains, but this is by far the worst back pain I’ve experienced during pregnancy, and I have a sneaking suspicion it has something to do with my age.  The last time I was pregnant I was 30 years old after all! I look forward to having a back ache from holding my sweet baby all day instead of carrying baby in my belly :)


4. Sleepless Nights – Oh wait. I haven’t slept well in weeks, but at least in a few weeks I’ll have someone to keep me company while I’m up ;)

5. No More Strange Comments From Strangers – Last week someone said, in response to me telling them we weren’t finding out the gender of our baby, “People still do that?!?  How weird!!”  I looked at them dumbfounded, and said, “Yes, can you believe how weird and crazy we are?”  I openly welcome all the compliments and gushing that comes with the pride of having a newborn.  Let the sweet comments commence, and the strange comments be gone!

6. Peaceful Slumber – My worst pregnancy symptom so far is indeed the snoring, and it ain’t pretty.  My husband and I haven’t slept in the same bed in weeks and he’s gone so far as recorded my snoring escapades, and even I’ll admit, they’re bad.  Really bad.  ;) I’m mortified to think I sound like that and can’t wait to sleep like a sweet princess once again!

7. Walk Like a Lady – I’ve hit the full blow waddling stage and sure people tell you how cute it is and how sweet, and they try to make you feel better, but you’re still walking like a duck.  I’m ready to walk like a human again, carrying my sweet little bundle with me.

8. Wearing Regular Pants Again – Why do maternity pants and shorts have to be so darn awkward?  I can’t wait to wear my normal zip fly pants again with no high-waisted panels to cover up my belly.

9. Resuming a Normal Appetite – I have a ferocious appetite right now, but often times I start to eat and then acid refulx kicks in and I just sort of lose my appetite.  I’m ready to enjoy and cook normal meals again.  It’s my favorite part of caring for my family after all and I can’t wait to be in the mood to menu plan once again!

10. Eating Sushi – Oh boy I can’t wait to sink my teeth into my first Rainbow Roll!  I think the first chance I can get, I’ll be taking the whole family out to our favorite sushi restaurant, baby and all.  It’s never too early to introduce a child to a good sushi bar after all, is it?

So what did you look forward to the most after delivering your baby?  What was the first thing you went out and ate or did?

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