The Secret Love Language of Babies & Toddlers

Specifically mine.

For a while there, it was touch and go, the state of things betwixt my two little ones. At the time I felt as if my toddler boy was at war with my baby girl. (Who has now, apparently, according to the internets – reached full-on toddler-hood.)

I was worried and I wished for a more calm, peaceful home. Perhaps silly thinking, in having a 19 month old and 3 year old. Although, that rough patch seems ages ago and lately there’s been a lot less pushing and shoving and more terms of endearment…

I watch them play together now, and it appears that they’ve come to some sort of understanding and there is a mutual respect that is visible. It’s not always there – but it’s happening way more often than before.


For now, I’m going to quietly revel in this new state of being between them, this sometimes quiet, mostly rowdy state of sibling affairs. I know enough now about this parenting gig that there will be plenty more rough patches up ahead so it’s these time that I’ll want to fall back on.

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