The Season of Gratitude

Tomorrow may be the day we set aside to give thanks, but to my family, it’s just the beginning of an entire season that’s dedicated to gratitude. And this year will be more special than most.

And that’s really saying something. Because 2006 was quite a holiday season for my family. It was our first one together and I’ll never forget how thankful I was to have found my beautiful wife and stepdaughter.

It was no guarantee, you know. That’s the one thing I’d learned in my 36 years. That nothing was a given. And I’d recently reached a point where I began to realize that marriage and a family might not be part of the plan for me.

But then I met Caroline and Alli and everything changed. And I spent most of the holiday 2006 holiday season thanking my lucky stars.

I don’t remember much of the 2007 holiday season, but such is the case when you’re tending to two-month-old triplets 24 hours a day. I do remember being tired, however. That’ll happen when you go from carefree bachelor to father of four in just 13 months, you know. You’ll get kinda tired. But not too tired to be thankful. I couldn’t believe how quickly my fortunes had turned, forever grateful that a big happy family was part of the plan after all!


Fast forward three years and we were in the throes of toddlerhood x three with a nine-year-old to boot. Not easy. Which is exactly why we were brought to our knees with some unexpected news.Caroline was pregnant again. Which meant we spent the majority of the 2010 holiday season filled with a different kind of gratitude — that which gives thanks to be once again blessed with the gift of life.

Even so, we also spent a good bit of time wondering how we were going to pull it all off. After all, we were already stretched awfully thin.

We’d find out just a year later, which is exactly why last holiday season was the best one ever. Because with little Luke on board, the family that was always meant to be was finally all together.

And that’s exactly how I feel about things as we head into the holiday season this year. That our family is as it was always meant to be. So why is this holiday season even sweeter than ever before? Because not only is our family as it was always meant to be, but our junior member is forever becoming the little boy he was always meant to be. Just look at that picture above. He’s a funny little thing and getting funnier by the day.

He loves to laugh and play with the dog. You know what else he loves? Those pajamas.

Which is lucky for us, because we love how cute he looks in them.

These are the exact days that empty-nesters tell us to cherish. Can you imagine? Having something so precious that others implore you to cherish it?

Talk about something to be thankful for.

Happy holidays to you and your family!

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