The Red-headed Baby I Didn’t Know I Wanted

Have you ever gotten something you’d never even considered wanting or needing and then, once you have it, you can’t imagine life without it? That’s how I feel about my red-haired baby.

Within a few days of Ani’s birth, people started commenting that her hair had a definite red tint to it. As she grew older, it got more and more red. Soon, there was no question that it truly was red.

By the time she was three months old, people were stopping us when we were out to comment on it.

Redheaded Baby

My sister-in-law had red, red hair (and five blond children), and I have a few scattered relatives with red hair, but I’d never contemplated for a moment having a red-haired child of my own. I assumed they’d be blonde or brown like my husband and me.

Now, I feel like I’d be devastated if she lost her red hair. It’s just such a part of her sweet little personality and something that sets her apart. Of course, I would love her just as much if she turns darker or lighter and the red fades away, but I can’t pretend I wouldn’t be a little bit sad.

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