The Proper Care of Bald Babies

Before Beck was born I was kind of hoping (okay, a lot hoping) that he would come out with a mop of hair. I thought it might be possible since my husband has a head of hair even a Ken doll would be jealous of but alas, my baby is bald. I’ve come to love the kissability of his sweet head but there’s one thing I don’t love, the patchy spots of dry skin. Luckily my sister taught me a trick that works like a charm. You only need two things:

baby oil and a soft brush (even a toothbrush would work!).

Just apply the baby oil to the trouble spot, move the brush in a circular motion and snap! the patches are gone. And you didn’t think you needed that baby brush for a while, did you?

Now go kiss that shiny, bald beauty.

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