The One Thing I’ll Never, Ever Travel Without

If my son had a frequent flyer account, chances are he would be eligible for his first free flight. Over the past few months we’ve been travelling quite a bit by car and plane for both business and personal reasons. We’ve road tripped with all three kids and I’ve also been travelling solo with my 17-month-old in tow.


Besides my trusty stroller, the one thing I wouldn’t dream of leaving my house without…

Are my wipes. Not just any wipes, HUGGIES® One & Done Refreshing Wipes. I’ve tried almost every wipe on the market, and these are my favourite for all three of my children as well as for my husband and myself. These refreshing wipes clean up messes like it’s nobodies business and smell wonderful. I usually buy the large box, take what I need for our trip and store them in a resealable baggie. The baggie ensures that they take up very little space in my diaper bag and they never dry out.

Whether you are heading out on a grocery run, a day trip or a 7 day vacation, one thing is certain – your toddler WILL spill something or make a mess in one way or another. Be prepared and keep the best on hand. If you’ve never tried HUGGIES wipes, I urge you to give them a shot. If I were a betting mama I would put money on the fact that you’ll never go back to your current brand. :)

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