The Night Time Crazies

Before I had a baby myself I wasn’t much of a baby person. As you can imagine this led to a pretty steep learning curve when it came to figuring out my baby and what she needed and what made her “tick”. Babies are still kind of a mystery to me in some ways and I’m constantly being surprised and puzzled by some of the things they do. My recent discovery of “the night time crazies” is just one example of this.

The Night Time Crazies via Disney Baby

The other night we went out to dinner with my in-laws and I knew that Fern’s bed time was going to end up getting pushed back a little bit. She usually goes to bed around 7:30, but that night it was going to be closer to 8:30. I was dreading the the grumpy baby that I was going to have to deal with on the car ride home.

She did great all through dinner, so I was just waiting for the meltdown. We made our way to the car and still no meltdown. The car ride home? No meltdown – she actually was babbling away with her little stuffed penguin during the entire 20 minute drive. When we got home, we went through the entire bed time routine and not only was there no meltdown, but Fern was actually super happy and had tons of energy. By the time we got pajamas on she was laying on the floor flapping her arms and legs like and excited little baby bird and talking like crazy and laughing (she’s not usually a big talker or laugher)! So funny!

I took her to her room to rock her and nurse and she just stared at me bright-eyed the entire time. Finally I just laid her down on her bed still awake and she was out within a couple of minutes.

Apparently when babies stay up past their bed time you sometimes get a grumpy baby and other times you get a crazy, hyper baby with a case of “the night time crazies”. I would personally take the “crazies” over the “grumpies” any day though.

Does your baby ever get “the night time crazies”?

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