My FAVORITE Photo from the Moment Our Son Was Born

There are a few moments that are burned into my brain. When my husband and I said our vows on top of a mountain. When I found out we were pregnant and shouted his name in a panic from across our little house. And, the image of my husband’s face the moment our son was born and he saw him for the first time…
father sees son for first time

I have no idea who actually took it, since it was during the birth of our son and we had simply left our camera out and set so that anyone could grab it and snap away. The whole experience was a bit of a blur in my memory, but I do remember the EXACT moment captured in that photo on the right with impossible clarity. It was literally seconds after our son was born and I pulled him up into my arms. I looked up at Nate and saw this face.

I am so beyond happy that some angel captured it forever on my camera since I couldn’t. *heart melt*

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