The Many Moods of Fern

One of my favorite things about being a mom is seeing my baby’s reactions to things and seeing how she’s growing and changing each and every day. Fern is a pretty even keel girl and isn’t particularly taken with emotion – she’s more of a quiet observer. She smiles a lot, but otherwise, she doesn’t just throw about excitement or anger or some of the other more obvious emotions without good reason. But, she definitely has many moods – some are subtle, some are obvious, but I can definitely tell them apart. And all of these moods are associated with an accompanying adorable facial expression…or at least I think so. Check out the many moods of Fern and you be the judge!

  • Proud


    It’s always great seeing your child beaming with pride after learning how to do something new. This is the face that Fern makes when she’s feeling extra pleased with her accomplishments.

  • Excited


    This is the face Fern makes when she’s gearing up to get excited. The super excited face is a bit difficult to capture, because it usually involves a lot of arm flapping and moving about. But, I love this face…the face she makes when I can tell something is about to get her going.

  • Angry


    This one is pretty self-explanatory. Fern is a pretty happy baby in general, but this angry face definitely comes out too.

  • Perplexed


    I love the fact that babies don’t veil what they’re thinking – it’s all over their faces and this is one of my favorites. I love when Fern is trying to figure something out. She’s perplexed about what’s going on and I can see the wheels turning and she tries to put the pieces together in her little head.

  • Annoyed


    This face doesn’t come out a whole lot, but when it does it’s usually because I’ve taken too many posed pictures of her and she’s over it. I suppose I can’t fault her for that.

  • Sleepy


    This is groggy-faced Fern. So sweet and cuddly!

  • Happy


    This is Fern’s go-to morning expression. Yes, she’s happy during other times of the day as well, but it seems like in the morning she can barely contain the smiles – they just come pouring out involuntarily.

  • Focused


    When Fern is at rest, she is usually observing her environment or focusing on a task. This is the face she makes – lips sucked in like a little old lady wearing dentures. She doesn’t care that it looks silly and I love it.


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