The Magic of a Carefree Summer

Monday: Doctor’s appointment (for child #2)

Tuesday: Playdate, library, and lunch

Wednesday: Day at the sitter’s 

Thursday: Another doctor’s appointment (this time for baby-in-utero)

Friday: Beach Day!

Next week’s schedule seems like a pretty typical week for our summer so far. Honestly, it seems like summer is almost over before it has even started. I look over the calendar and I can almost see myself doing the back-to-school shopping, like tomorrow.

 But I refuse to give in to the madness. 

When I think back to my childhood summers, I think of nothing but lazy days playing outside, endless popsicles, reading, and for some reason, lots of time just spent laying in front of a fan.


And on one hand, while I realize that childhood is a little different these days, with the lure of endless electronics, on our phones, tablets, and TV’s, and the busy schedule of two working parents, I also am holding steadfast to making sure that my children have a magical gift of a truly carefree summer.

Lazy morning over waffles and drinking coffee on the deck. 

Afternoons spent building Lego wonderlands on a nice, soft rug. 

All the swimming they can handle. 

Never saying ‘no’ to a popsicle request. 

Jumping high in the trampoline, giggles of delight filling the air. 

Evening walks in the cooling air as the sun paints the sky. 

Endless trips to the beach. Followed by ice cream. Always ice cream. 

Boredom–lots of boredom that leads to lots of imagination and memories. 

The baby taking his first steps out on the plush green of a freshly-mowed lawn. 

Star-gazing and camping, picnics and sprinklers. 

That is the true gift of childhood–the magic of a carefree summer.

What do you hope your children gain from the magic of summer?

Image via Chaunie Brusie

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