The Loudest Baby on the Block

I remember being at a friend’s audition for the Met when his teacher said “It’s the shape of Andrew’s skull and mouth that allow him to sing so loudly and so beautifully.” I’ve been thinking about that a lot lately, because I have what is most likely one of the LOUDEST babies in existence. She can scream so loud you’re absolutely sure you’ve lost hearing in one ear. We’re talking the kind of screams that warble and drown out any other noise, like a jet fighter but way smaller.

Today as we walked through a department store as a family, with Vivi squealing and shrieking in the stroller, I turned to my husband and said “It sure is a lot different having a loud baby.”

Loud Baby Vivi

I was raised in a family where babies and children were to be seen but not heard. I have always panicked that my kids are annoying other people in restaurants, church, stores and the general public. Many people say this is a good trait to have. If I’m worried about it then clearly my kids can’t be the ones annoying anyone else. But you guys? This baby is so loud and there’s no volume control. You tell her to shoosh and she looks at you as though you’re speaking a foreign language.


Yesterday at an indoor playground she bumped her head inside a slide and the scream she let out rendered the entire playground absolutely dead silent for several awkward moments.

Other people have claimed to have loud babies, but then they hear Vivi. “Whoa, she really is a loud baby isn’t she?”

Yes, yes she is.

But I heard one time that the shape of her mouth and skull are what let her produce such grand volumes, perhaps this can all turn into a career in the theater! (Or, more simply, maybe it means she won’t mumble like I do.)

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