The Little Things I’ll Miss

I’ll admit it, I’m one of those people who is super excited to get through the baby phase and on to the kid stage. I can’t wait till our son walks and talks and can toddle around. I can’t wait to take him to the zoo and have him get excited about the animals. I can’t wait to go to Disney World as a family and have him beg us for ice cream. But still, there are lots of things I’m realizing more and more that I will miss about life with him as a baby. The other day I started to pay attention and forced myself to take photos of the little things I’ll miss once they’re gone. Here’s 5 of my favorites…

  • Baby cuddles

    Baby cuddles

    While he isn’t as snuggly as he was an an infant, I will miss those nighttime cuddle sessions. When our son gets sleepy he’ll snuggle with us. Smooshy little baby snuggling is the best.

  • His angelic sleeping baby face

    His angelic sleeping baby face

    I know children always look blissfull when they sleep but his tiny little baby face is especially angelic. I know I’ll miss his tiny sleeping self once he’s grown into a big kid.

  • Baby eyes peeking over the cribs

    Baby eyes peeking over the cribs

    I love when he peeks his head up from playing to look at us. His little head and eyes barely make it over the sides of his crib. It’s the cutest thing. Eyebrows up, mouth open…

  • Cheeky baby smiles

    Cheeky baby smiles

    His smile will always melt my heart. But right now he’s got that adorably innocent little baby grin with big smooshable cheeks. I know i’ll miss them when he grows into his big kid face.

  • Everything in the mouth

    Everything in the mouth

    While it can be a bit troublesome, I know I’ll miss the stage of him putting everything in his mouth. It’s cute to see him explore the world this way and it keeps me on my toes. I’ll miss it when it is just a phase in the past.

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