The Insider Secret to the Baby Toy Your Baby Will Love MOST…


There are toys for everything when it comes to babies. Developmental toys. Sensory toys. Colorful toys. Soft toys. Toys that puzzle and riddle and promise build brain cells. And the list goes on. I’ve been a mom for 1 year now and I’m here to tell you the big toy mystery. This is the secret to baby toys, the holy grail of insider mom toy info! I’m going to tell you exactly which toy your child is going to like the best out of all the toys you own. Ready for this? Are you sitting down? Taking notes? Of all the toys you register for, research, accumulate, all the dollars you spend, and all the gifts given with the sweetest of intentions, the toy a baby will inevitably find the most enthralling is…

baby plays with plastic cupA disposable plastic cup! 

(or cardboard box from your shipment of diapers, or paper envelope left behind when you open your mail, or… you get the idea)

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