The Gift Of Siblings

The holiday season is a natural time of reflection, or at least I’ve always found it to be. Which is why I’ve been digging through some old pictures of our baby this morning. After all, this will be his second Christmas, and now that he’s walking and even armed with a four-word vocabulary, (mama, dada, bye bye and something we think might be please), I want to be sure to remember every step of his journey.

And as I was reviewing many of Luke’s pictures, I kept thinking I’d be taken aback by the incremental growth I saw as I flipped from one to the other. And I was. Only it wasn’t the incremental growth in Luke that floored me. It was the incremental growth in the relationships he shares with his siblings.

It’s funny. Just like him, I see those bonds every day. But also just like him, those bonds have grown and are even more beautiful now than on the day he was born.

It’s in that spirit that I present to you my 10 favorite sibling pics in the last 17 months.

  • Baby


    Gotta start with Luke, right? I mean, you can’t exactly have great big siblings unless there’s a baby to dote on.

  • big sister and newborn

    big sister and newborn

    From the moment Luke was born, he brought out the best of our entire family and my oldest was no exception. I continue to be amazed by this little girl. An only child for nearly six years, the next four saw her become the oldest of five. And she adapted to it all so naturally as is beautifully evidenced by this shot of her holding Luke on the day he was born.

  • little boy and newborn

    little boy and newborn

    To this day, I’ve never seen Sam look so proud. It’s amazing how much he grew up the instant Luke was born.

  • little boy and newborn

    little boy and newborn

    Of course, the same could be said for Jack. He instantly shed some of his silliness when his little brother came aboard. (Not all of it, though!)

  • little girl and newborn

    little girl and newborn

    And then there was Kirby, born to be a caretaker, we’d quickly find out. She finally had a baby doll to hold that actually breathed!

  • siblings


    And as much as they each grew individually from Luke’s birth, we also grew as a family. Just look at how our kids teamed up to care for their little brother in this picture. It’s funny, I remember the first time I saw this scene. I was like “Man, that’s a lotta kids on my bed!”

  • little girl and newborn

    little girl and newborn

    As the days and weeks passed, the cuteness never did. This remains one of my favorite pictures because it was taken right about the time the “newness” of Luke had worn off. At least to Caroline and me. To Kirby though? Judging from her smile, you would have thought this was taken on the day he was born!

  • baby on the beach

    baby on the beach

    We weren’t always in our house, of course. The older Luke got, the more mobile we (once again) became. And all that meant to our family was an expanded venue for the sibling relationships to flourish even further. Love this pick of Jack and Luke on the beach.

  • baby on the beach

    baby on the beach

    Everyone got into the act that trip, including Luke’s oldest sister. She carried him around all afternoon on the day this one was taken.

  • brothers


    But that doesn’t mean that they no longer kick it with Luke at our crib. Because they do. In this picture, quite literally.

  • Christmas picture

    Christmas picture

    Which is exactly where we’ll be spending a lot of this holiday season. At the home. With each other. Keeping our eyes wide open for all the subtle growth in the sibling relationships that we might otherwise miss. If you have more than one child, I hope you get to spend time doing that exact same thing. Happy holidays, everyone!

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