The Gift of Brotherhood

Our baby boy was a surprise. At the time he was conceived we already had three-year-old triplets and a nine-year old, and that was plenty for us, thank you very much. As you can imagine, learning we’d be adding yet another little one to a relatively large and chaotic crew threw us for a bit of a loop. One of the things I struggled with most was the concept of our existing family dynamic. Simply put, I just couldn’t imagine how my existing children would make room for their soon-to-be little brother. Particularly my boys.

It’s funny how things work out though. Because they’d sort all that out themselves.

baby boy and brother

Both my boys have developed a wonderful relationship with their baby brother — one that has evolved naturally. The picture above kinda sums it up, don’t you think? Jack had hopped into the crib just because he couldn’t wait to play with his little brother. I would have never even captured the moment had it not been for the fact that I’d accidentally left my camera in Luke’s room the night before after snapping a few shots.


If only I’d had my camera on hand for the most recent Jack-Luke moment. It happened just the other night during bath time, and as I witnessed it, I had one of those parenting moments that will stick with me for quite some time. A moment that reinforced what I already know — what we all already know — but sometimes take for granted. Namely, what a precious gift we have in our children.

It was a splashy, little scene. Filled with laughter and joy. And soap and water. And a plastic red cup and a little toy boat. And among the truest, purest and most innocent brand of communication I’ve ever witnessed. Quite an accomplishment for a five-year-old boy and a baby who can’t yet speak, don’t you think?

bathing a baby

Right. The picture’s fuzzy. Certainly couldn’t win any awards. But the moment could, that’s for sure. Because in it, they’re enjoying the gift of brotherhood which they’ve given each other. And which they’ve in turn given to me.

Have you had any moments lately where you’ve been touched by the dynamic between any of your children?

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