The First 6 Months with Mr. Beck

And just like that, my son is six months old. I get a bit choked up typing that. People told me it would go by fast. A lot of people told it would go by fast. But when they tell you that you just think, “Okay, thanks.” You don’t really know until you experience it. And then you wish the Zach Morris power of snapping your fingers to pause time really existed.

That being said, I can’t remember what it was like before Beck entered the world and have never felt so much joy. So I’ll take a fast six months over slow ones without him any day. Here’s my buddy from age one week to age six months.

  • One Week

    One Week

    You know how when a mom sees a newborn it makes her automatically turn to her child and say, “You were never that small!” That’s what I feel like when I look at this photo. I can’t believe how itty bitty Beck was. And his chicken legs kill me.

  • One Month

    One Month

    This was right in the middle of his old man phase because of his hairline. His sweet disposition was already showing through.

  • Two Months

    Two Months

    This is when his face started transforming to the perfect circle it is today. I remember thinking he was getting cuter every day and I think it was true.

  • Three Months

    Three Months

    Three months is such a milestone since they’re so much more smiley and interactive by then. His eyes were getting more and more blue and his observant personality became very clear. He’s always happy if he has new things to look at.

  • Four Months

    Four Months

    Apparently Beck was performing a rap in this photo. Four months marked a huge shift in physical, vocal and mental abilities. I love watching him learn new things every day and find myself cheering him along. Loudly.

  • Five Months

    Five Months

    This photo sums up this kid’s personality. Always looking and moving around, keeping that mouth open to let out as much noise as possible and winning the contest for roundest face ever.

  • Six Months

    Six Months

    And all of a sudden he’s a little man. He now has four teeth (the incisors are coming in causing him to look vampire-ish), makes the loudest shrieks I’ve ever heard, puts everything he can get his hands on in his mouth, thinks it’s funny when you take his shirt off and loves my rendition of Midnight Train to Georgia. He’s a complete joy.

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