The Face of “No”

So my baby girl, “Pink”, is generally a pretty easy-going kid. She smiles, sings, dances, and waves hello to everyone. That is until I dare to say the dreaded two-letter word. “No.”

You know what happens then? This:

just say no

Yes, that my friends, is a full-blown pre-toddler tantrum. She throws herself back, lays down on the floor, crying, kicking, and screaming.


With my two older boys, I was horrified by this kind of behavior. I felt like it meant I had lost control (which, let’s face it, I’m not sure I ever had). I thought people would think I was a bad mother (which people will think no matter how hard I try). And I couldn’t help but wonder if I was raising a little terror (so far, they definitely don’t fall into that category).

Now, with baby #3, I see it and I grab the camera. And I laugh, though I try not to let her see that. I love that Pink is becoming more and more of a little person with intention and expression. Of course it’s my job to teach her how to manage it a bit more gracefully. But in the meantime, I’m capturing the face of “no”…because this is who she is right this very moment. And I love her.

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