The Evolution of Daddy + Son

Last week, Casey wrote about the journey of mother and son; about the special bond between a mama and her baby boy.

And I would have to agree with her. My relationship with my son Noah is everything I could have hoped for — loving, affectionate, cuddly. I’m the person he goes to when he bonks his head, arms outstretched, waiting for a kiss. I’m the person who strokes his hair as he falls asleep, promising to stay by his side until he’s comfortably settled into his dream. I’m the person who spends the majority of the day with him.

But the bond between my son and his father is unique. Special. They have a compatibility, a rhythm, that I’ll never emulate — most likely because of their shared “boy” interests. He looks up at his daddy in awe, as if he’s studying his face and his mannerisms to memorize his every move.

So, like Casey, I put together a little slideshow. But this one’s all about the journey of daddy and son — from his first moments to the end of his toddlerhood:

  • first day

    first day

    His daddy loved him from the very first minute.

  • we shall call him noah

    we shall call him noah

    His daddy was the one holding him when we looked down at that brand new face — so content and peaceful — and decided that his name would be Noah.

  • firsts


    His daddy gave him his first bottle, as we prepared for mommy to go back to work.

  • shower time

    shower time

    His daddy was the first one to shower with him, and they still shower together sometimes — but now as two Superheros.

  • that's what these kids are for, right?

    that's what these kids are for, right?

    His daddy wasn’t afraid to use him as a table from time to time.

  • the look of love

    the look of love

    His daddy looked at his baby boy’s face with the same awe-struck love that his baby mirrored right back.

  • xoxo


    His daddy is never short on kisses and hugs.

  • matchy matchy

    matchy matchy

    His daddy likes to buy mini-me clothes for him.

  • more firsts

    more firsts

    His daddy was the first one to go swimming with him.

  • commitment


    His (over-6-ft.-tall) daddy would climb into the crib when he had a hard time falling asleep.

  • i can't see, dada

    i can't see, dada

    His daddy’s shoulders are always there to give him a boost.

  • best seat in the house

    best seat in the house

    His daddy’s shoulders are one of his favorite places to sit, ever.

  • make a wish

    make a wish

    His daddy encourages him to make big wishes and big dreams, even as a toddler.

  • what's so funny?

    what's so funny?

    His daddy is always there for a laugh.

  • that look says it all

    that look says it all

    …for a smile.

  • vroom vroom

    vroom vroom

    His daddy zooms him around the house in his “motorcycle” (stroller) wearing his “helmet” (Mickey Mouse ears).

  • boy time

    boy time

    His daddy is known to steal sweet, quiet moments alone with his boy.

  • big boy, little boy

    big boy, little boy

    His daddy shares his fascination with technology. Clearly.

  • linked arms

    linked arms

    His daddy gets sucked into Disney movies, just like his son.

  • one of his favorite days yet

    one of his favorite days yet

    His daddy was the one who took him to his first concert in Central Park.

  • play time

    play time

    His daddy is always up for an adventure — no matter how high.

  • next stop: ice cream

    next stop: ice cream

    His daddy takes him to the Ben & Jerry’s factory. (Need I say more?)

  • i wanna hold your hand

    i wanna hold your hand

    His daddy is always there with a safe hand to hold.

  • blinkers and buttons and horns, oh my

    blinkers and buttons and horns, oh my

    His daddy lets him play with the buttons, pretending to drive, and promises to one day teach him for real.

  • come away with me

    come away with me

    His daddy will always carry him, no matter the distance.

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