The Essentials We Forgot Were Essential

A while back I wrote a post about the “non-essential” items we were going to register and/or buy this time around, for our 3rd baby.  3/5 of the nonessentials ended up being worthwhile investments that we love and use everyday.  In the midst of me planning out trying new things with our third child, we somehow forgot just how important some other items are, and were left scrambling either right before the baby was born, or right after, to get our hands on these 5 items.  Now keep in mind that it had been 5 years since we had our last child, so all of these items were long gone from our household.  Read on to find out what those 5 essentials were, and still are, 4 months after the birth of baby Hayden.

Wipes – I forgot just how essential wipes were to have all around the house, and just how many you go through, because once you have them in the house, you use them for everything, from spit up stains to dirty diapers, to cleaning your hands and pacis!  I hadn’t purchased any wipes before Hayden was born, figuring I’d get a few packs in the hospital and when I was feeling up to it in a couple of weeks, I’d make a Costco run to pick up a big box of them.  Well I ended up sending the husband out after day 3 at home to stock up.


Bottles – I figured we’d start a bottle around week 4 or 5, but after Hayden’s first check up at 9 days old, our pediatrician gave us the go ahead to start him on a bottle a day right away to get him going.  He was gaining weight well and was nursing like a champ, so she figured why wait.  I ran out that night to get a bottle so I could start pumping and my husband could start helping with a feeding a day!

Waffle Weave Thermal Swaddling Blankets – I registered for the very pretty muslin swaddling blankets that have become so popular in the last few years, and while they make great props for pretty and stylish pictures, they weren’t my favorite for actually swaddling.  I much preferred the stretchy thermal type blankets, like the type Hayden is wrapped in the picture above.  They wrap tighter and are nice and large.  I made a trip to the store in the first week to buy 4.

Sound Machine – Our house is on the smaller side, and with a 5 year old and 7 year old running around, it’s noisy.  I love our sound machine for providing that soothing white noise that resembles the womb to newborns when they’re sleeping, and for helping to drown out noise when the kids are causing havoc on the other side of the wall.

Diaper Bag – Sounds silly, like how could we forget we would need a diaper bag, right?  But I was arrogant enough to believe that this time around, I’d just be able to carry my stuff loosely in a big purse I already owned.  But the first time we went out on an outing and I realized I didn’t have a nice cushy diaper changing pad that usually comes with all diaper bags, I realized it sure would be nice to have one.  Sure I could have improvised, but I figured in the long run it would be better to preserve my purses from the havoc that a baby, then toddler wreaks on your purse with spilled bottles, snacks and soiled clothes.

So what was on your “essentials” list when you had your baby?  What are some things that you still use and need to this day, even after your baby has grown a bit?

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